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Our Products are complete kits which include the correct screws, nuts, and bolts!


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Closet Flange


Part No. C85-000

May be used as a

Closet Flange or for repairing

a Cast Iron, Plastic, Plastic

with metal ring and/or

Brass Closet Flange.



Securely attaches to concrete               or wood subfloor


Replaces most closet rings


Corrosion resistant





Use as a closet flange or mount on top of old closet flange.


Align flange closet bolt slots with slots in the old flange (if old flange is present).


Flange is to be securely mounted with the holes provided.


Install a new Wax Gasket with a horn.


Install closet bolts (1/4" or 5/16") and reinstall toilet bowl.



Part #C85-000

Use When...

bulletMay be Used as a Closet Flange or for Repairing a Cast Iron, Plastic, Plastic with Metal Ring and/or Brass Closet Flnage.


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